When Life Gets Crazy

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The last two years of our life have just been none stop crazy. When I started this blog I thought life was calming down. We had just settled in our new house, I had adjusted to life with our second baby, it seemed like a great time to introduce a new challenge. Then we decided to our house on the market, sold it, moved to my dad’s house, and bought a house to remodel into our dream home. My blog and other ambitions were moved to the back burner (and turned off) while I packed our house, adjusted to living at my dad’s, and started planning our new home. A month later, I broke my foot. So as you can tell, life is crazy and honestly it’s getting crazier by the minute. However, I’ve decided it’s time to put on my super mom cape and start living life better.
I’m working on a plan, I’ll post about it in a few weeks after I figure out all the details for myself! I have big goals for my life, and my family. It’s time to start working towards my goals instead of waiting around making excuses. I know this is a super short post. I just wanted to explain myself and my absence from the blog. Hopefully, with my new plan, it won’t happen again and I will stay consistent with blogging and all my other goals. I appreciate all of my readers, thank you for reading my blog. Don’t hesitate to comment or email me and subscribe to stay up to date with what is happening on the blog!
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