Monday October 9th was the last night I nursed my last baby to sleep. When I weaned my first baby (at 23.5 months old), I did it in two phases. One week I decided to night wean him. I had a new baby and I couldn’t keep up with nursing them both through the night. I nursed him to sleep but withheld all other requested night sessions. He fought it for one night, but gave into snuggling easier than I expected. After the first night he started sleeping through the night consistently. A week later I had a gut feeling that it was time to wean  altogether. Last Friday I had that same feeling with my second baby.

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 Ready To Wean

I have been thinking about weaning for a while now but didn’t actually feel like we were done. Now I know it is time to wean my second, and last, baby. October 10th was our first full day of not nursing and he did so well. He took his sippy cups happily. In the evening, close to bedtime, he was sad and confused. He would tug on my shirt, sign “please” and “more” then say “mom mom mom” in the saddest little voice. But we snuggled up, and he went to sleep much quicker than I expected.

He slept about half the night the first night. This kid has been nursing All. Night. Long. for over a month. I mean literally all night. I even checked my nest camera, he literally only let go to switch sides. So you can imagine how shocked I was that he slept 4.5 hours. He woke up at 1:30 am, fussed for 30 minutes but went back to sleep fairly easily. Then he woke up about every hour after that.

The second day was easier than the first day. He asked to nurse less but he still asked. I redirected him with a snack, his sippy cup, or some toys. The second night he had a harder time going to sleep. When he finally gave in and fell asleep, he woke up less through the night. Day three, he asked to nurse just a couple times (side note: he threw SO MANY tantrums this day. I don’t know if it’s the age, his personality, or from weaning but it was exhausting! I hope that was a one day thing)

This is hard on both of us but we’re both ready and I truly believe that it’s what’s best for my whole family. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are hard. I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for not only most of my marriage but most of the time I’ve known my husband. I am sad to see this chapter of our lives end. I’ll miss my babies and the bond of breastfeeding. I’m equally, if not more excited, to see what the future holds for our family as these little boys grow up into men. I am so grateful for the opportunity and the ability I had to breastfeed them exclusively, and to be with them each and every day of babyhood.



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