I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that were currently living at my dad’s house while we remodel our home. I’m missing being in my own space more every day. It’s been six freaking months! Now everyone is putting up their Christmas decorations and I’m over here day dreaming about how I’ll decorate my new house next year for Christmas.
I was never really into decorating for any holiday growing up but now, experiencing the holidays as an adult and a mother, it’s much more exciting. I can’t wait till my house is finished so we can move in and I can decorate for each and every holiday. I love sewing and crafting so I’ll probably make a lot of decorations, but Amazon also has tons of stuff I can’t wait to buy!

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 Christmas Decorations Wishlist

Lighted curtain – because of the layout of our house, I probably won’t want the tree in front of the window. I found this curtain on Amazon and I think it’s a perfect alternative to a tree in the window.

Flameless candles – I love the look of candles but my husband doesn’t love the idea of open flames, especially with our rowdy little boys bumping around all day. I guess he kind of right *shrug*. I found these flameless candles on Amazon and I can imagine them placed around my house during a holiday party or on Christmas morning.

Christmas Banner – I don’t know exactly where we could put this in the new house, but I might just buy it for part of a fun Christmas photo backdrop with the kids. I got a DSLR last year and I can’t wait to have the space to do fun mini sessions in my new home.

Stocking hooks – we won’t have a fireplace mantle in the new house but I have a shelf that will likely hang our stockings from. These hooks just make it seem more fancy!

Christmas tree – In my new house, I’ll finally be able to have a 9’ (or taller!) Christmas tree. My husband and boys will probably convince me to get a real one eventually but for the first few years I’m picturing either of these trees.

Ornaments – While the kids are still young, I’m sure our tree will be crowded with their cute little ornaments, placed exactly where they want them. As they get older and less interested, I’m looking forward to having a more organized, elegant looking tree.

Train around the tree – I know both of my boys would get a kick out of a train like this chugging around the tree. My husband will probably get annoyed with them wanting it to run constantly, but tis the season, right?

Christmas Decor Storage

When the 25th of December has passed, it’s time to store all these decorations for the next 11 months. I have always liked being rather organized. I want to store all my Christmas decorations the right way. Amazon has awesome ornament storage containers, tree storage bags, wrapping paper storage, and red/green storage bins. I’m almost as excited to store all these decorations properly as I am to set them up and enjoy them through December.

Even though we’re not in our own home this year, and I’m pining for my own space, we are still enjoying the holidays together as a family. We are healthy, happy, and together. That’s all that really matters, right? We put up our little tree today, in our room on top of the dogs kennel. Nothing can compare to the look my boys’ faces as plugged in the lights on the tree and we started placing the ornaments. These moments will make every year to come in our own home even more sweet. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

What is your favorite Christmas or holiday decoration to bring out each year?

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