You Are A Badass – Book Review

A few things you should know about me, I'm not a religious person. I'm not atheist. I just don't really spend time thinking about it. In my adult life, I don't pray or go to church. When people say to "send good vibes" I have always kind of smirked and rolled my eyes....

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The End of My Breastfeeding Journey

Monday October 9th was the last night I nursed my last baby to sleep. When I weaned my first baby (at 23.5 months old), I did it in two phases. One week I decided to night wean him. I had a new baby and I couldn't keep up with nursing them both through the night. I...

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The Day I Broke My Foot

I've never broken a bone, and never really been seriously injured. As a child I enjoyed running and playing as children do but I always had a good amount of caution. I guess I out grew that caution, because two weeks ago I broke my foot. My sisters and I took our kids...

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Early Potty Training

Have you ever imagined being diaper free before your child’s second birthday? Read my new post to see how I did it, and how I plan to have my second baby diaper free by 18 months!

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Teaching Children To Behave In Public

It can be challenging to do simple things like grocery shopping, eating at a restaurant, or other outings with children. Even children who are normally well behaved at home or in other familiar places, can act out in public. It is so stressful, and embarrassing, to be...

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Super Easy DIY Birthday Party

I love planning and preparing for parties. Actually having the party gives me a little social anxiety, but I’m getting over that! For big brother's first birthday, we just did a small family party with pizza and cake. Now that he has little friends and I have mom...

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