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My little sister (we call her Aunt Nana) needed to create a visual essay for a college class and she decided a baking session with my toddler in charge would be perfect! Lucky for her, my new Canon Rebel T5i camera arrived the day before (review post coming soon!).
Christmas cookies were on our list anyway so we used the Christmas cookie cutters from the Wilton 101 Cookie Cutter Set. Bailey had a blast with this project! He helps in the kitchen often but because of the nature of what we were doing, he had a lot more control and freedom than normal. I just love making these memories and and even more I love watching my son making memories with my sister!
The pictures turned out AMAZING. My phone’s camera is so bad, my pictures never turn out crisp and clear. I haven’t even edited any of these pictures yet (partly because I’m lazy and want to get this up before Christmas but also partly because I haven’t learned Photoshop yet!). Take a look!
PS I promise my toddler did not get near the hot oven! That was staged for the project, after the picture, my sister placed the cookie sheet in the oven while he watched from a safe distance.
cookie cutters

What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie? Please leave a comment below!