I have been breastfeeding for over two and a half years. My oldest son nursed through my second pregnancy, then he nursed for a couple weeks with his baby brother before weaning at 23.5 months. Breastfeeding is such a rewarding experience. I’m not sure how long I will nurse my second baby. When I finally wean him it will be bittersweet. I’ll be emotional about being completely done with this phase of life and parenthood, but there are some consolation prizes when the journey comes to an end.

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Things to Look Forward to After Breastfeeding

Normal bras I have an unusual bra size so normal bras just don’t fit me right. After my first baby I spent so much time and money looking for a bra that was comfortable, nursing accessible. I finally found a sleep nursing bra that is comfortable and doesn’t give me a total uni-boob. It’s good enough for this short time of my life. I cannot wait till I can fit into a Victoria secret bra again!

Time management & productivity I have, and still do, absolutely cherish each and every moment I spend nursing my little ones. I know these moments are fleeting and I will always look back on them. However, it will sure be nice to be able to not plan my days around hour long nursing sessions every 2-4 hours all day long! I’m excited to be able to get more done.

Normal boobs (hopefully) I’ve heard it can go either way. Some women just shrink and other women deflate. Either way, my husband has promised me a boob job if I’m not happy with what the end results are. I’ve always had a bigger bra size and I would love to be smaller for a change!

Working out My milk supply has been pretty sensitive to being physically active. I haven’t been able to really work on my post baby body like I want to. When I’m done breastfeeding I will be able to push my body and get back in shape!

Normal clothes Every woman who has attempted breastfeeding knows this struggle. I’ve figured out my sweet spot. I have a variety of outfits I can wear while comfortable and discreetly nurse. But I have a few shirts and dresses I’ve tucked away that I would love to wear again!

A new phase of life After I weaned my first son, he started to ask for affection in different ways. He would insist on “snuggling” with my arm around him while sitting on the couch. As with most babies, my first son also gained so much independence after weaning. I look forward to these moments with my baby. It will make the sadness of weaning a little more bearable.

When will it be the end?

I don’t know how much longer I have left nursing my youngest baby. I would love to nursing him till close to two, as I did his brother. But he’s much more interested in food than his brother was and I guess I just have a feeling. I will be kind of surprised if he nurses past 18 months. I will enjoy every last second I have left of my breastfeeding journey!