My last baby was due May 21, 2016. At my 36 week appointment I was measuring small, and at my 37 week appointment it seemed the baby had stopped growing. On May 5th I had an ultrasound at the hospital to check things out. Everything looked OK other than baby measuring small. I was told to get stress tests twice a week till my due date. I went in later that week for my first stress test. It didn’t go super smoothly. They need to be able to monitor the baby doing these practice breath things for 30 seconds but he would only do it for 20. The monitored me till the doctor called back. He said since every thing else was looking OK, I could go home and wait till my prenatal appointment. At my 38 week prenatal appointment, I was still measuring about 35 weeks. We scheduled to be induced on Friday.

last baby
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Thursday morning I got a phone call. I recognized the number and knew it was the hospital. I assumed they needed information to prepare for the next day. I was surprised when the lady asked if I would like to come in early to have my baby that day instead of the next. We said yes and 59 minutes later we walked into the hospital. We got checked in, the IV was putting and I was hooked up to all the monitoring machines in no time. They started the pitocin drip and broke my water right away. The baby didn’t respond well to the pitocin. His little heart rate just dropped so they stopped it.

The nurses seemed very concerned so I was getting scared I’d end up with a C section or something really bad would happen. They started the pitocin again, at the lowest level this time. My contractions picked up and the baby’s heart rate stayed good. In the late afternoon I was still only at a 4 and not progressing so they upped the pitocin. I started progressing slowly but the contractions weren’t strong enough. They gave me an oxygen max to try to help balance as they turned up the pitocin. The baby’s heart rate was getting a little low but it wasn’t dangerously low so we kept going.

I’ve never been more scared. The mix of emotions was so intense. I was excited to meet my baby, but also scared for his life and not sure how he was going to come out. And at the same time I was also so sad over missing my older son.

They found a pitocin level that, with the oxygen, the baby was tolerating. I went from a 4 to a 6+ in an hour then to a 10 in less than 2 hours. Only pushed through three contractions and he was out. My Dr thought he would have to use the vacuum, he even had it in his hand. But I did not want that so I pushed with everything I had and he came out. I got to say it’s a boy (we didn’t find out the gender before birth) and I was so happy. The scares didn’t stop there though. This little baby wasn’t as eager to nurse as his brother.

His sugar levels were inconsistent. He wouldn’t latch so I was feeding him by hand expressing into his mouth. His levels dropped from 45 to 34 between two tests. They gave him some glucose stuff on a binky and said to nurse immediately. I suspected that he wasn’t interested in nursing because he wanted instant satisfaction from it. His tiny body didn’t have the energy to nurse properly to bring on a letdown. My sister brought me her milk to share with my baby through sns (post on this coming soon). He started nursing better right away. His sugars picked up and we were able to go home on May 14th.

The scariest and most emotional experience of my life

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