It’s been a cold, snowy winter here in Utah. I’ve never really loved winter but now as a mother, I hate keeping my toddler and preschooler all cooped up inside. I find myself daydreaming daily about all the luxuries of spring, summer and fall. I miss not being cold, going to the park, walking around the neighborhood, wearing flip flops, shorts, and tank tops. I could go on for hours. Winter just isn’t my thing. I need the warm weather months to hurry up and get here! Till then, I’m thankful for a few toys that help me keep my toddler and preschooler entertained and help drain their seemingly never ending energy.

*DISCLAIMER* This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you purchase from these links. However, I assure you my opinions and recommendations are completely honest.

 Surviving Winter With a Toddler

Kid’s Dyson Vacuum– this is just adorable, isn’t it? A mini Dyson for your mini helper. It’s great to keep him off my vacuum when I’m using it and he plays with it often when he decides to clean. The recommended age is 3+ but we bought it when my preschooler was almost 18 months old. I wish we had it when he first started walking! He isn’t so fascinated by it now that he’s over 3, but my new young toddler loves it now!

Tablet– first on the list because it’s the most reliable but definitely not my go to. I usually try to get them to play with some thing that involves moving their bodies around to use the energy! However, it’s super convenient when I really need some time without them climbing all over me.
Bowling setGreat energy user. My now preschooler learned how to set the pins up and roll the ball to them when he was around 18 months. We actually have two sets. This one does better on hard wood and this one is alright on our semi shaggy carpet. My boys have a blast with both sets.

Wii sports– last summer my preschooler learned about sports. His favorite is golf. This kid golfed for hours and hours. He loves golf and bowling on wii sports. He liked baseball too but we switched to the wii U version and it involves the game pad more so he can’t play it easily. There might be other games out there that he could get into, but I like wii sports because it keeps him active and not just sitting on the couch. My younger toddler loves to watch big brother play, but he hasn’t quite caught on to how to do it himself yet.
Balls– as a boy mom, i’ve accepted my fate and I’m ready to be immersed into sports. We don’t have the “no throwing balls in the house” rule here. My preschooler knows that the harder balls aren’t house balls but ball pit balls are free game! (Still working on enforcing this rule with my younger boy) We even have a couple of these basketball hoops. They both love shooting hoops!

Play dough– it’s great for when I want them entertained/distracted and I also want him contained. I put them in their high chairs with some cookie cutters and play dough. This keeps him quiet and happy while I do dishes, switch laundry, or just get a break from the constant go go go of this stage of life.
Mega Bloks– Both my toddler and my preschooler could play with the big legos for hours. My preschooler gets really creative with it, building dinosaurs, hospitals, or who knows what else. We get them out at least a few times a week and they play completely independently which is a win for this busy mom!

NOVEMBER 2017 UPDATE: I’ve been reviewing all my 2017 blog posts lately. Kind of reflecting on myself, my family, and my blog. I think this was one of my most practical posts this year. Keeping energetic tiny humans entertained when we can’t play outside can be challenging. My now preschooler still plays with all of these toys, and my new toddler is starting to be interested in most of them as well. He’s been having a blast! I really hope they can keep both these boys occupied all winter! Wish me luck! We are living with my dad while we renovate our home, so space is limited and its been tricky to keep these little humans busy.

What are your favorite inside toys?

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