I love planning and preparing for parties. Actually having the party gives me a little social anxiety, but I’m getting over that!
For my oldest son’s first birthday, we just did a small family party with pizza and cake. Now that he has little friends and I have mom friends to invite, I wanted to go all out!
I was pregnant and due just two months before his birthday so I wanted a theme for his party that would be super easy but still adorable. He loves animals, and was obsessed with jungle animal sounds. A jungle animal theme party seemed perfect, and I was right! It turned out so cute and SO EASY. I was able to order almost everything we needed off Amazon.
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Party Invitations

I designed the invitations myself then ordered the prints at vistaprint.com. Designing them was so easy. I searched for inspiration on Pinterest. That’s where I found the wording. Then I googled and found the clip art to use for the jungle animals. Finally, I arranged it all in power point. It was so easy! I also made a matching cover photo for the Facebook event.

If you don’t want to DIY your invites, here are some ADORABLE jungle theme invitations from Amazon. I kind of wish I would have seen these before I created my own.

 DIY Party Decorations

I couldn’t find a banner or sign I liked so I decided to make one. These jungle animal print bags were super inexpensive so I bought them from Amazon and cut out the letters for the sign. I glued them on using some spray Elmer’s glue. I had some I hadn’t tried yet and this was a great reason to try it! I also used sticker printer paper to print stickers using the clipart jungle animals from the invitations. I placed these stickers all over the sign.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any jungle animal print streamers, so I went with jungle animal print and green balloons instead. I didn’t want to waste money filling a billion balloons up with helium so I pumped them all with a hand pump. Then I tied them to the fence. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I also bought some huge jungle animal head mylar balloons. He had been begging for them at the grocery store for months. I found them for way less on Amazon though so I was able to get all five of them! I did fill these with helium.

Activities & Favors

I was expecting a ton of kids of all ages so I wanted to make sure there was plenty for them to do. We had temporary jungle animal tattoos, DIY jungle animal stickers (see above!), bubbles, a kiddie pool filled with ball pit balls, and punch balloons. I couldn’t find a jungle animal theme favor I liked, so I did pop fireworks and little sports balls instead. The wording for the sign just came to me one night and I was really proud! I thought the ball pit would be mainly enjoyed by the little toddlers and babies but even the older kids had a blast throwing the balls around. (I didn’t have a blast picking up the balls after, but it was worth it.) I cut up some inexpensive sponges so the tattoos could be applied quickly to wiggly toddlers! I’m personally not a fan of the little bags of trinkets and style candy often given as party favors. I wavered a lot on what I wanted to give to all the kids and I settled on these little sports balls and the “pop it” fireworks since his birthday is between two firework holidays here in Utah.

Food & Cake

I had just had a baby two months earlier, so I wanted to do the food really easy. We had watermelon, chips, catered subway sandwiches and blue punch. I ordered the cake from a local mom who makes the cutest cakes. The cake was adorable and the food was so easy, but I think this year I’ll try cooking and baking myself since I won’t have a newborn.

I’m so happy with how this party turned out. It was easy, inexpensive, and stress free other than the normal party throwing anxiety. All of the kids had so much fun and my son felt very loved. That’s what really counts! This year I have a 3rd birthday and a 1st birthday to throw parties for and I’ll be happy if they turn out half as good as this one!

What is your best tip for a successful and fun birthday party?