It’s time. I’m almost 25 years old. I’ve been eating poorly and hardly exercising for most of those years. I’ve known my husband for over 6 years. He is the first one who made me understand the importance of eating good food and exercising. He showed me that moving your body can be fun through activities like hiking, going for walks, riding a bike, and more. We have been married for 5 years. We have two very young boys. This is the year, the month, the day that I’m going to start treating my body the way I should. I’m going to start exercising. I’m going to lose my baby weight!

Losing The Baby Weight

I wrote this one month ago today, on the day I started my first workout program since giving birth to my two boys. I chose P90 from BeachBody. I decided to go try a BeachBody program because of my friend and coach, Jade. This girl is such an inspiration in every way. She is an amazing mother, wife, and friend. I have had a few other BeachBody coaches before but I’ve never really stuck to a workout program for more than a few days. My coach Jade has shown me how to take charge of my health and my body. It’s more than just a one time commitment but one you have to make everyday, all day. When you want that sugary treat but grab an apple instead and when you don’t feel like working out you just do it. I am trying to make these choices so I can live a better life for myself, my family, and everyone around me. I am so thankful to my husband for sparking an interest in a healthier life and I am thankful to Jade for showing me the true meaning of this commitment. I have been working out for 30 days now and I’m already seeing results.

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Have you started a health and fitness journey? How is it going so far?

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