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There are so many blogging courses out there, and there are even more bloggers blogging about blogging. Eden Fried quickly became one of my favorites. I found her when I joined her Facebook group, Blogger Insights. I was just searching for blogging groups to join and I’m glad I found hers! I could tell immediately that she wasn’t just another blogger out to sell you the products they promote to grow their income. You can tell she really wants to help other bloggers on their blogging journey.
Another thing I know about Eden, not only does genuinely want to help other bloggers, but she presents the material in a way that makes it all so clear. Her Bread & Butter Blogging course is straightforward and engaging. It taught me some things I hadn’t even considered yet, like how to write a great welcome email. It also clarified some confusing aspects of blogging, like how to conquer Pinterest without spending hours at the computer.
This course really shows you how to make blogging your “Bread & Butter“. I made notes as I read through it so I can refer back as I implement the lessons. I’ve already made some changes according to Eden’s advice and it is making such a difference in my page views and engagement.

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