It can be challenging to do simple things like grocery shopping, eating at a restaurant, or other outings with children. Even children who are normally well behaved at home or in other familiar places, can act out in public. It is so stressful, and embarrassing, to be that mom in the middle of target, with two screaming toddlers trying to run in opposite directions. It’s not always a tantrum. Children being overly loud in restaurants or running through the aisles of a grocery store can be annoying to people who are there without children.
As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children how to behave appropriately in public. I’m not saying kids shouldn’t be allowed to be kids. But as important as it is for kids to be kids, it’s equally important they learn manners and how to act around other people.
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Teaching Kids How to Behave In Public

My husband is a very social person by nature. He loves to get out and do things. Both of our boys have inherited this from him. They both thrive when we get out of the house frequently, do fun things, and interact with other people. I am definitely more introverted by nature. I have always been a home body. However, I really enjoy going out as a family or even just the kids and me. Here are a few tips I’ve put together for going out and about with kids!

Start early: the earlier you start taking your baby out, the sooner they will know it’s normal and not something overwhelming. Kids of all ages can be easily overstimulated when something is new and exciting. The earlier you take you kids out into the world, the sooner they learn to process exciting things. That said, I did keep my babies home till about 2-3 months old. If you have a premie or if your baby is born in cold and flu season, you might want to wait longer.
Go out often: take your baby with you to the grocery store, to lunch with your aunt, and dinner with your spouse. It’s convenient to leave the baby home with your spouse, their grandparent, or a babysitter, but your baby will benefit from going out with you and it will get easier for you the more you do it.
Encourage good behavior: when I take my kids out and they are being good, I’m almost constantly telling them how great they are behaving, thanking them for being so good, and telling them about something fun we can do when we get home. This kind of positive reinforcement is helpful with people of all ages. It’s proven that complementing someone when they are doing good makes them want to be even better. I’ve seen this work my preschooler and toddler since they were babies. Hell, even my husband respond to this kind of positive reinforcement
If you have a baby, toddler, or older child who has already grown to hate going out or constantly misbehaves in public, you can try going on short outings frequently. Rather than taking your toddler to a big Costco run, take him or her with you on a quick run to the store for milk. It will be harder to over come set in behavior but the best time to start correcting it is now.

Do you have any other tips for taking babies and children out in public? 

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