The Day I Broke My Foot

by Jun 29, 2017Lifestyle4 comments

I’ve never broken a bone, and never really been seriously injured. As a child I enjoyed running and playing as children do but I always had a good amount of caution. I guess I out grew that caution, because two weeks ago I broke my foot.

My sisters and I took our kids to the mall to play. They have these really cool dinosaur things to climb on and the kids love it. I was running around with my almost three year old, running up the dinos and jumping off. We were having so much fun. My baby is finally old enough that I can put him down to play and interact with my toddler more in a place like that. Then it happened.

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How I Broke My Foot

I jumped from one dino footprint to another for like the tenth time that day, and I landed wrong. At first I thought I could just rest for a minute then walk it off. I put my shoes on and sat down. A few minutes later my toddler needed to go potty so I tried to stand and walk. I couldn’t put any weight on my foot without pain. My sister took my toddler and I sat back down. I took my shoe off and he swelling was insane. At that point we all knew something was wrong. We got a wheel chair from security and they wheeled me out. My sister put her daughter’s seat in my van and drove us all to instacare. The doctor only looked at my x-ray for a few seconds when he declared my foot broken, gave me a boot (the one he gave me sucked so I bought this one to replace it) and referred me to a specialist.

I’ve spent the last two weeks pretty bummed about my broken foot. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all we will miss out on this summer with my broken foot being in a boot. Now I think it’s time to look for the silver lining and find some positivity in my situation.

  • I am thankful for medical care to help in my healing.
  • I am thankful for the ability to pay the bills.
  • I am thankful for everyone who has helped me so far.
  • I am thankful for friends who have brought meals and come to keep us company.
  • I am thankful for my new scooter to help me get around.
  • I am thankful for the time with my boys. It doesn’t matter where we are, we can still have a good summer and make memories.
  • I am thankful for this opportunity to get back to blogging.
  • I am thankful I do not need surgery. The specialist said to wear the boot when I’m moving and get lots of rest.
  • I am thankful for my toddler. He is starting to be way more independent now that I literally cannot carry him. He has to walk everywhere and he even helps me get things I need.
  • I am thankful for my husband who works all day, then comes home to take care of us.
  • I am thankful for the time I have to sit and think about what is really important.
  • I am thankful I am still breathing.

I could spend the next six to eight weeks moping and being sad or I can take this time to gain a new appreciation for health and prepare to make an even better life for myself and my family when my foot is healed. June 15 will now always be the day I broke my foot. But I get to choose how it effects my life.

UPDATE: My foot healed perfectly 🙂

Have you broken a bone? Leave a comment! I’d love to read about it.