I have mentioned more than a few times on here how totally and completely OBSESSED my boys are with dinosaurs. It started with my oldest, but my 2 year old has far surpassed his brother with this obsession. I’m not exaggerating, This kid eat, sleeps, and breaths dinos. From the second his eyes open in the morning till he falls asleep each night. I don’t get it honestly but it sure is cute watching him act like a dinosaur and play with dinosaur toys. We have several of these toys below. The dinosaur figures and a couple others. Both of my kids love them all and it’s always a good day when we bring out dinosaur toys.

This obsession doesn’t seem to be going extinct anytime soon. So we’re going to need some new dinosaur toys and games this Christmas. I’m having a lot of fun shopping (on Amazon, in my yoga pants, tank top, and no bra). I’m probably going to get most of whats on this list that we don’t already have. If your kids have any dinosaur toys that they love, let me know in the comments!

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Dinosaur Toys for 2-5 year olds

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