I just finished reading the most AMAZING ebook about Pinteresting Strategies. And that’s actually the title so there you go. Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell. Like I said I JUST finished reading it when I started to type this out. Literally put down my computer when I read the last word, picked up my phone and opened a new Evernote to start writing this review. So I haven’t tried implementing Carly’s advice yet, but I’ll do an update post after I start seeing Pinterest success. That said, here is my review of the book!
Since I started blogging, almost four years ago, I’ve been so overwhelmed with Pinterest (and promoting in general really). Honestly I think it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve held myself back from being a profitable blogger. Pinteresting Strategies has really opened my eyes. I can’t wait to start manual pinning using her methods but I had to tell the world about it first!

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Manual Pinning Finally Makes Sense

I was deterred from Pinterest because all the big bloggers swear by scheduling pins. The cost if schedulers was pretty unrealistic for me, as blogger who is only making pennies so far. In addition to the cost, the act of scheduling itself seems super confusing.

Earlier today, I decided to search “manual pinning” on Pinterest (just like you probably did when you found my post). I read a few different blog posts and they all led back to this ebook, Pinteresting Strategies. I bought the book. It’s almost 11 pm. I had 8 pages left of the book when I stopped put my baby to bed. I had to get right back up after he was down to finish.
Suddenly it all makes sense. Manually pinning makes sense. Carly also explains the way Pinterest works and how to use google analytics in your pinning. Her methods are totally genius and extremely doable for a mom blogger like me. Its not necessarily easy, but it’s a whole lot easier than scheduling.
I wanted to write this while it’s fresh in my head. I have to go to bed now though. I cannot wait to start this amazing Pinterest strategy tomorrow. I am so excited to finally get the traffic to my blog that I’ve been waiting for. I hope this review was helpful.
UPDATE: Just after my FIRST DAY of implementing a couple of the tips in this ebook my views went from barely over 100 to over 1,000. Now I’m rushing to get the other methods going in my daily blogging routines. I cannot wait to see my traffic sky rocket from manual pinning! Don’t. Wait. Another. Minute. Buy and read this book now to start successfully pinning manually and driving traffic to your blog.