I have not been feeling the holiday spirit at all this year. We are living with my parents while we remodel our home. This project has taken a lot longer than we expected it to. Since we’re not in our own space, each holiday has been harder to enjoy. Christmas has been the hardest to prepare myself for. Usually I have all the gifts purchased by now and the tree has been put up. Definitely dragging my feet this year! Anyway, I still want to make it a special time for my boys and my husband so I’m trying to remember all of the fun things that are happening around me. I have realized, as mothers, we have a unique perspective on the holidays. So I’m pull myself out of my pity party and writing this post about what I enjoy Christmas most as a mother.

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A Mother’s Favorite Part of Christmas

Spending time with family – We have several opportunities at the end of the year to visit with all sides of our extended family. We’re all pretty spread out and I love that the holidays bring us together. We might not be close geographically but after watching each other on facebook all year it’s great to catch up in person. 

Decorations – Honestly, growing up I hated when it was time to decorate for the holidays. Now as an adult, homemaker, and mother, I appreciate the work my mother put into making our home feel special around the holidays. I’m not decorating much this year because of our living situation but I CANNOT WAIT to decorate our new home next year. I’ve even started scoping out possible decorations I want on Amazon.

Lights – I loved the Christmas lights as a little girl. Some of my favorite memories are driving around with my dad and my sisters looking at the lights. I am so excited that my oldest son will be able to see the lights from his carseat this year and I can’t wait to see them light up his cute little face, literally!

Spirit – As it gets closer and closer to Christmas, the spirit just intensifies. This year has been extra special because I am starting to see this Christmas spirit in my own son. Since August or September he has been saying its “almost Christmas” in his cute little voice. For almost two weeks in September he kept waking up every morning and asking if Santa came yet. I’m so excited to see his joy just explode Christmas morning.
Food – Does this even need any explanation? Really though. Cooking it, eating it, the people to share it with. It’s all amazing! I don’t love that my 3 year old doesn’t want to eat any of it (except the treats of course) but I’m sure in the years to come he will learn to enjoy food more, especially the wonderful holiday foods!
Snow – Utah is known for the amazing snow. While I don’t like being cold or wet, I do love the snow. I love watching the snow fall, and seeing everything covered in snow. Also, as weird as it sounds, I love driving in the snow. It’s thrilling to me, and this year I’m very excited to get snow tires on my new minivan!
Being Santa – Christmas growing up was so wonderful and magical. I remember trying to wait up with my sisters so we could catch Santa. He always snuck past us though, right after we fell asleep. My older son is getting more and more excited about Santa each year (more like by the minute if I’m being honest). I love being the one to bring this magic to our home.
Christmas Eve Calm – There is something so peaceful about the night of Christmas Eve. After the little ones are in bed, all the gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree. When the stockings are stuffed, after the cookies and milk have been consumed. The house is quiet and the moments till Christmas morning are ticking by. It’s really sort of magical. It is almost harder to go to sleep as a parent on Christmas Eve because I just want to soak up the calmness and anticipation.
After Christmas Clearance – For those who love shopping, and scoring deals, the joy and excitement of Christmas doesn’t end on December 25th. The clearance sales at Target are just irresistible. This year I’m hoping to score some cheap decor for our first Christmas in our new house next year!
Even though we’re not in our own home this holiday season, I love this time with my little family. The first few years of Christmas as a mother have been so magical and it keeps getting better each year. I am so excited to see those little faces Christmas morning. I’m really trying to enjoy this year, but I am honestly still also really looking forward to next year and all the years to follow in our new home. Even when our boys grow up and stop believing in Santa, I think the togetherness and other miracles of this time of year will be just as special.

What is your favorite part of the Christmas season?