About a week before thanksgiving, a new non-mom friend of mine told me she had to go to Las Vegas for a class in a week. She wanted someone to share the drive with. At first, I daydreamed about what it would be like to take a spontaneous vacation. To just leave the kids with dad, pack my stuff, and go. I imagined myself sleeping in, eating fabulous food with out having to share, some quality time with the Netflix shows I don’t normally have an opportunity to watch,  and getting some quality blogging done. I might make it out to the pool or do some other typical things people usually go to Vegas for.
This was all day dreaming though. I’m a mom to two little boys, they need me. I can’t just take off like that. Then late Monday night it hit me. I can just take off like that. These boys have a dad who loves them and knows how to take care of them. At least for 72ish hours. They all might miss me but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

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Leaving on a Spontaneous Vacation

So I just left. I told my husband it was happening. He was happy for me. I’ve never been the type of mom who needs a ton of me time, but he could tell the thought of going excited me. I started telling my boys that mom was going to be leaving soon. In ways I hoped they could understand. Then Friday rolled around and she picked me up. At first, it didn’t feel real. I don’t think it really sank in till we stopped for gas and I realized I could go inside without two tiny humans in tow. It was marvelous! We finally arrived, settled in, and ordered food. Another wave of solace washed over me when I opened the pizza box and registered that I didn’t have to make sure anyone got fed but myself. AND I didn’t have to share my food. We watched a couple movies, then fell asleep.
Our first morning there, we woke up way too early. Hung around for a while, then walked to Starbucks (thanks for the gift card dad!). She left for her class and I was on my own. It was strange. The seconds, minutes, and hours passing by and I was just alone. Almost magical. I was really productive in the mornings, then slowly got distracted as the day went on. I did several things that I really don’t get a chance to at home. Or even if I do, its rushed or multitasked with caring for my boys.
Blogging – I generally try to do SOMETHING for my blog each day. I’m working on getting a set routine down but for now I just make one goal for the day. While on my spontaneous vacation, I spent hours and hours doing nothing but blogging. I got so much done!
Work out – I try so hard to get up in the morning before my toddler to work out, but he is such a bad sleeper lately. I can’t get out of bed without disturbing him. On my trip I could exercise at my leisure. Yoga too! I can’t wait to get back to working out regularly.
Do things alone – I already mentioned eating, but I also got to pee alone, shower alone, and sleep ALONE. This spontaneous vacation made me realized how little time I’m ever really alone. It was weird!
Watch Netflix – I had a show on all day both days, but as the day went on, my focus would slowly switch from blogging to the show. I got some quality time with Netflix, watching shows I can’t with little eyes and ears in the room.
Think – I feel like my brain functioned better as the time passed by. I could just think clearer. Must be due to the proper amounts of sleep and the lack of responsibilities.
Read – I took a few books with me but I ended up rereading my all time favorite self help book, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. I’ve listened to it several times on audible but it was nice to finally read my hard copy. You can read my review here!
Miss my family – I miss my husband and my boys anytime I’m not near them but this was different. Being away from my whole family made me miss them in a way I’ve never experienced before.

Returning Home

When it came time to pack, it felt like I had been gone for weeks. I missed my family so much and I was ready to get back to real life. The drive home went so fast. Since we’re new friends, we had a lot to talk about. It’s always so much fun getting to know new people and as a stay at home mom, I don’t have many opportunities to just chat like that for hours. It was an amazing trip from start to end. We didn’t do anything that most people go to Vegas to do, but I enjoyed every minute. I only regret not taking more pictures! I only have the selfie I took of myself, a snapchat of my blogging/netflix watching set up and a screenshot I took of my son while facetiming. I’m looking forward to my next spontaneous vacation! 

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