Orbeez come in so many colors. You can buy solid colors individually, mixed in the same bag, or a set of several individual solid colors. Last year I bought a mixed color pack, solid light blue, and solid clear. As I was getting ready to grow Orbeez for my Orbeez center piece post, I realized I don’t have any other solid colors. It had crossed my mind to try dying them with food coloring before, but yesterday I decided it was time to try it.

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First, pour the desired amount of Orbeez with plenty of warm water in a large bowl. Next, distribute the food coloring. Same food coloring rules apply: more drops, darker color and be careful to not get the color on your hands or clothes.
Keep the Orbeez covered with water and stir occasionally to make sure the color doesn’t settle.
When the Orbeez are fully absorbed, pour into a strainer and rinse off excess color. I am so happy with the results! From now on I’m just going to buy clear and mixed color Orbeez. If I need a specific color for an event, I’ll make them myself! Note: I haven’t let my kids play with the dyed Orbeez yet because I don’t want to risk the color transferring.

What color will you make?