I broke my foot a little less than a month before my son’s third birthday. My son was at an age that I knew he would really love having a birthday party, so I knew I still had to have a fun party for him. I also wanted to keep it easy, since I couldn’t walk at all. I would be almost completely be depending on friends and family to help execute whatever party plans I made. Lucky for my, my son decided he wanted a minions and water balloons party for his third birthday. I knew I could spend 30 minutes on Amazon and have most of the party delivered in a few days. Easy party! All I had left to do was order a cake and food.

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Minions Decorations

Balloons – This Mylar balloon set and the extra minions latex balloons were perfect. I tied one of the mylar balloons with a couple latex to the mailbox, another set to the back gate guiding people out to the back yard, and spread the rest of the balloons around the back yard. This blue balloon string was perfect with the yellow balloons to fit the minions theme. I put together these cute jars filled with Orbeez to tie the balloons down. They turned out perfect. (See how I did it here!)

Decorations kit & Place settings – I found these sets too late, and I had already purchased the table cloths separately anyway. I wish I would have seen this in time for the party! We could have used a few more decorations.

Cake toppers – I purchased a cake from a local grocery store and it had these toppers. A few months later at a friend’s son’s party she had ordered a undecorated cake from Costco and purchased cake toppers in the party’s theme to decorate the cake with herself. This is GENIUS. I’ll definitely be doing this for parties in the future!

My son LOVED his cake. Throughout the party he kept asking to see it again (it was in the fridge inside because it was a hot day). When we finally brought the cake out he was ecstatic. He carried the plastic minion on the inner tube around the rest of the day. He still has it 6 months later too!

 Minions Activities

Bunch o Balloons – if you haven’t tried these water balloons yet, DO IT NOW. Okay maybe not if you’re doing something more important or if you don’t have water balloon weather currently. But these water balloons really are super cool and work exactly as they are supposed to. I bought three packs and the 15 kids we had at how party (plus some of the adults who wanted in on the fun) went through them so fast, I ended up sending my mom to buy more.

Squirt guns – Not minions themed, but I knew we would need something fun to keep the kids entertained after the water balloons ran out. Most of the kids at the party were under 4, so these little squirt guns were perfect. They kept the kids entertained for a while after the water balloons ran out.

Pool – Also not minions themed! I kept debating where we would keep the filled water balloons and how we would fill the water balloons. At first I thought home depot buckets but then I remembered my in laws had a pool like this! Plus it added another activity for the kids, and I knew it would help keep them cool on the hot July afternoon.

Minion Goggles & Hats – I thought these were so cool! Especially the Minion Goggles. Unfortunately the kids didn’t love them as much as I did. We had a few kids who were 6-8 years old and they loved them, but most of the younger kids didn’t care for them. My son wore a party hat for most of the day but he didn’t want to even try the goggles.

I just have to show off this picture of my son pulling a water balloon out of the pool, and rave about these balloons one more time. He had been begging to try them FOREVER and I was worried they wouldn’t work as promised. I did not want to get stuck tying hundreds of water balloons. They really work amazing though. Way better than expected. We had several more water balloon fights last summer after trying them for his party.

Party Favors

I purchased this set of little minion toy party favors and this set of tattoos and stickers. There were 8 of each toys and 8 each of the tattoo and sticker sheets. I decided just to divide the toys between the 15 goodie bags (these yellow bags went with the minions theme perfectly, they have so many colors!). I cut the sticker and tattoo sheets up to divide them as well.

This party turned out better than I expected. I am so grateful Amazon had all of the Minions party supplies I needed. I’m even more grateful for everyone who helped put it together, and for everyone who came to celebrate my little boy. I only wish I would have taken more photos. My husband was in charge of taking photos of the decor before the guests showed up and he didn’t realize it was on manual mode. So all of those photos are just a blurry white mess. I will have the memories forever though, and the photos we did get I will enjoy forever.

Here are two more of my favorites. The birthday boy thought it was so cool to get a Minion present at his Minion party. I’m happy we got a good photo of the four of us, even if we’re not all looking in the same direction.

What birthday party themes have you used?