My kids are OBSESSED with orbeez. They are these little beads that you let soak in water for a few hours. When they are completely absorbed, they are pretty fun to play with. My kids love to scoop them from one bowl to another or even just run their hands through them. At Easter dinner at my Mother in laws house last year, she had filled mason jars with colored water to tie balloons down. I knew right away I wanted to steal her idea but use orbeez instead of water. For my son’s third birthday last year, I wanted a fun way to tie balloons down around the back yard so I decided to give it a try. It worked out so well. Plus my boys had a blast playing with all the orbeez when I dumped them out after the party.

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Growing the Orbeez

This is such an easy project! Obviously, the first step is to let the orbeez grow. I never really measure them because I know my boys will happily play any left overs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they take a while to grow. At least three ours. Also, you want to make sure they stay completely covered with water or the ones on the bottom will get bigger than the ones on top.

After they are fully absorbed, I poor them into a strainer to remove the excess water. Then dry them off by lining a bowl with a kitchen towel or a few paper towels and shake them around a bit. The less slimy they are, the better they look in the jar. You can do one color per jar, or you can alternate them. My favorite is the jar with the mixed multi colors! Pour them in slowly because they are super bouncy. Put the lid on and you’re set!

You can tie balloons around the jar to keep them from flying away, or just tie a decorative ribbon around the jar. Next time I might get some decorative lids like these, or I might keep the lid off an put some flowers in the jar. If you do flowers, just be sure to add a little water to the jar to keep them fresh.

What party or event would you use these for?