Here in Utah we have had a VERY warm winter. Still cold enough for sweaters at least but we hardly had any snow till last week. The sunny days have me looking forward to spring and summer. For the first summer in 4 years, I am not pregnant or breastfeeding. I am SO excited to wear cute spring and summer clothes this year. I keep telling my husband I’ll probably live in dresses. As excited as I am for new clothes, dragging my two little guys around shopping does not sound appealing, so I’ve been window shopping at Amazon. I’ll probably get a few of these cute dresses!

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Spring & Summer Dresses

These dresses are all so cute and have great reviews. Most of them come in many colors and prints. I can see my self wearing all of them in the warmer months. Taking my boys to the park, playdates, the zoo, the pool. We love going out and having fun in those summer months. You have no idea how happy to have my body back to myself and back in shape. I finally don’t have to wear maternity clothes or clothes that make it easy to take my boob out at any moment.

Which dress is your favorite?