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I’ve mentioned in other posts recently that my preschooler (almost 4 years old) is getting more and more into holidays each month. As soon as Valentine’s Day was over (or maybe a couple days before), I had St Patrick’s Day on my mind. I’ve been trying to decide how to teach him about the magic of this holiday. Leprechauns, gold coins, rainbows, and lucky four leaf clovers… I feel like this holiday is a bit under rated but I loved it as a kid! We never did anything big, but I loved picking out something green to wear and eating my weight in chocolate coins. When it came time to share this holiday with my preschooler and toddler this year, my first stop was Amazon so I could purchase some books to read to him.

My next step was going to be Pinterest, but then I decided to be ambitious and make him a little game myself! I haven’t done anything crafty in forever it seems so it was good for me too. It turned out so well that I decided to share! This printable is actually 4+ games in one. Really the possibilities are endless. Continue reading to see what we did with these fun four leave clovers, or enter your name and email to go ahead and get the printable!

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Four Leaf Clover Activities

I made some colorless four leaf clovers so my preschooler can color them. Make sure to have a few green crayons, but I let him color with whatever color he wanted. You could even print the four leaf clovers on sturdier paper and let your preschooler paint them! After you can cut them (or help your preschooler cut them) and hang them for some cute St Patrick’s Day decorations they will be proud of.

Counting & ABCs
While he was coloring, I colored some myself. I made a set of green and put the numbers 0-10. He had a blast counting them with me. I made a set with the ABCs on them and made a game out of quizzing him on the letters.

Sorting & Matching
My preschooler is really into matching games right now. I colored a set so I had two greens, two blues, two yellows and so on. He LOVED this activity. After playing a few rounds of “matching game” as he calls it, I laid out one of each of the colors and had him sort the rest into the separate piles. I also made a set with uppercase and lowercase letters on them for him to match and sort. Lastly, I made a set with stripes, dots, and other patterns but he didn’t really care for sorting these so they were demoted to decorations only.

Tips for getting started

I have included both green shamrocks and white ones ready to be colored. You can use the green ones simply for decoration, or you can write the numbers/ABCs on them mentioned above. If you enjoy coloring as much as I do, you can print the colorless ones and color them yourself. I only printed one sheet of colorless ones, and when he wanted more I traced them so I wouldn’t waste printer ink! I’m even thinking about using cardboard and laminating sheets in the future so I could make them a little studier.

I hope you and your preschooler have as much fun with this as we did. Unfortunately, he only cooperated for pictures during one game but I’ll update the post if he lets me get more pictures next time we play!

If you’re looking for more St Patrick’s Day fun, check out my other post on St Patrick’s Day Books you can read with your preschooler (or toddler) to help them learn what makes this day special! Both of my boys loved the books we ended up buying. Click here to pin and save it for later!
He really wanted to show off his St Patrick’s Day Shirt from Target before I put my camera away. I couldn’t resist sharing!
You can find it by clicking here or on the picture! 🙂

Can you think of any other games or activities we could play with these four leave clovers?

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