When I was pregnant with my first baby, I did everything to prepare. Bought him pajamas, onsies, and socks. I registered at baby’s r us and read baby books. I also spent a lot of time choosing a car seat. I decided to go with a Graco travel system. It came with the car seat, base, and jogging stroller. Finally the baby came (11 days late, but who’s counting?) I brought him home in his Graco snug ride 35. It was the perfect car seat, for a while. I have a small frame and I’ve never been really strong. I’m especially lacking upper body strength. It was awkward to carry and the bigger the baby got (and he got big FAST), the harder it was to carry him in his seat. Yes, it was convenient to keep him in the seat when we went out to eat but I usually ended up nursing him any way. By the time he was 10 months old, and almost 20 lbs, I was done.

I decided to buy him a graco4ever convertible carseat. It was amazing! So much easier to install, buckle him in, and get him out. He also just seemed more comfortable.

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Skipping The Infant Car Seat

I finally became pregnant with my second baby a few months later. I made the decision very early in my pregnancy that I would not be using the infant carrier again. In fact, since we didn’t find out the gender of my second baby, I didn’t even buy him a seat before he was born because I wanted to get pink for a girl, black for a boy.

My 5 lb 4 oz baby boy rode home in his toddler brother’s Graco4Ever. It was quick to adjust it to fit my tiny baby. I was a little anxious about him being too small and it not supporting him correctly. He was born small, 5 lb 8 oz and he dropped to 5 lb 4 oz buy the time we went home. Graco says the seats fit as small as 4 lb but I needed to see it myself! I gave my sister my old infant carrier for her baby born earlier the same year. I knew that if I wasn’t comfortable with him in the Graco forever, my husband could go grab her seat for me to borrow.

Fortunately, he fit the Graco4Ever great! With the infant padding in place, he buckled in great and we headed home. I purchased a second Graco4Ever on Amazon before I even left the hospital. It arrived a few days later, just in time for his hearing test at the hospital (thank you Amazon Prime).

Now this baby is almost two years old and I have never regretted my decision to skip the infant carseat. When he was a baby, I baby wore a lot, using my Tula. Maybe I’m weird, but I like holding and carrying my baby instead of lugging around a big bulky carseat. He is my last baby too so I’m happy to soak in every extra second I can. To this day, I can still move him from one place to another while sleeping without waking him up. I like to think it’s because he became used to it so young. I never felt inconvenienced by having to take him out of his seat. Having to carry the bulky infant seat was far more annoying for me.

Have you considered skipping the infant carseat?

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