Almost a year ago I was just starting to learn manual mode on my Canon Rebel T5i. I got together with a mom friend and we decided to set up a cute back drop, dress up the kids, and take some easter photos.
The back drop was super easy. I bought several light colored streamer paper and tape. We put a king size white sheet on the ground. For future “photo shoots” I would like to have something fancier on the ground but I didn’t think about it when preparing for the day so we improvised.
It was really a lot of fun to set the whole thing up, and even more fun taking the pictures (till the kids stopped cooperating *eye roll*). I think the best part about it, though, is the fact that I spent MAYBE $10 on the whole project. All I had to buy was the streamers. I already had the outfits and everything else! Photographers do amazing work but I’m so happy with how well these pictures turned out and how little it cost me to do it!

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Supplies for DIY Easter Photo Shoot

Easter colored streamers
Easter eggs
Easter baskets
Basket filler
Bunny Ears
Camera (phone or DSLR)
Tape (I used painter’s tape so it wouldn’t hurt the walls)

Cute kids in cute outfits (I got my boys’ outfits at carters. They have more super cute stuff this year!)

Non messy quick treats to keep the kids happy.

*Obviously you could have completely different props, this is just what I used!

 Setting up

Start by deciding which room and which wall in that room will be best for the photos. I chose a wall in my friend’s living room that was free from decor or other clutter. Make sure the space is big enough that the kids have a little room to interact while you take photos.
Take your first streamer, cut it to the length you want it. Again, make sure you are going tall enough. I made them long enough to tape as high as I could reach. I didn’t double up the streamers this time but in the future I will to make them stronger. You can tell in some of the photos the twist of the streamers collapsed a little.

Once you have the two strands together, tape it at the top. Slowly twist the pair till you get to the bottom. Tape it again at the bottom. I taped it right at the bottom of the baseboard so we could easily cover the ends with the sheet we were using for the floor. Continue this method till you have enough streamers lined up to fill the space.
When the back drop is completed, arrange the sheet on the floor so it covers the bottoms of the streamers. I also brought Easter eggs, a couple baskets, and some basket filler (we forgot to use the basket filler *eyeroll*).
I am still super happy with how the photos turned out! Here are a few of my favorites. Now excuse me while I get emotional about how much my kids have grow since last easter!