Fundamentally, I believe laundry is the most manageable if you do a load, start to finish, every single day. Every. Single. Day. I came up with six guidelines for this routine to help anyone follow easily and finally conquer that seemingly never ending pile of laundry. (You can read more about this on my other post).
After writing it all out, I realized it might be challenging to figure out how to go about starting this type of laundry routine if you have that mountain of dirty laundry in front of you. I think I have figured out two ways to get started. These methods are also good to follow if you were on track and fell of the daily laundry wagon. I’m going to WY for a weekend get away with my family and I know I’ll have to follow one of these methods when I get home to get back on track.

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Implementing The Ultimate Laundry Routine

Method 1 Gather ALL of the dirty laundry and sort it. All. Of. The. Laundry. Take the biggest pile you have and start a load of wash (if you have to divide the biggest pile that’s ok, definitely don’t over load your washer). Get this first load washed, dried, folded, and put away before the day is over. Repeat the next few days with the second biggest load of laundry. I created a printable for with my Ultimate Laundry Routine post. Each day, write down which batch you completed. You can also use a planner, note book, calendar on your phone, or even a piece of paper taped to your washer to write what batch you did each day. I really like the the printable in a frame because it ads to my laundry room decor and I can easily see which load of laundry I’m supposed to do that day.

By the time you finish washing the last load you sorted when you started this process, whatever the first batch you did (towels or kids clothes for example) is ready to go again.
Look at the notes you made about which load you did on which day. Divide the loads over the 7 days of the week and there you go. If you had less than 7 loads of laundry, you could try skipping laundry on the weekend. If you had more than 7, I would still try to narrow it down to 7 laundry days and see how it goes. Maybe eventually you’ll need to set a day or two where you do a second load.

Method 2
Again, gather ALL of the dirty laundry and sort it.
This method works best if you have a whole day or two you can almost completely dedicate to laundry.
Start with the biggest pile (divide if needed) and put it in the washer.
By the time it’s done, have the next load ready to go in.
Continue switching the laundry pretty quickly after each load is done.
Fold and put away each load while they are warm.
Save the very last load to do on the first day of your new routine.
On the second day of your new routine, sort all of the dirty laundry (it should be A LOT less laundry than you had when you started) and wash whatever you have the most of.
Again, use my laundry Ultimate Laundry Routine printable or a notebook to keep track of the order you do each load.