Playing outside is so important for children of all ages. Even adults need to get outside regularly! My boys could spend hours outside digging in the dirt, pretending to be various animals, and collecting bugs, sticks, or flowers. I love watching their minds turn as they explore their environment.
That being said, it’s also fun to get them toys they can use to create even more adventures outside. Both of my boys love sports and games. We have a whole collection of outside toys they could spend hours and hours playing with outside. Continue reading to learn about their favorites!

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Favorite Sports Toys For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Golf set – golf is one of my boys’ favorite sports for sure. A lot of parents don’t think to introduce golf, especially young children but it is so good for them. It teaches hand-eye coordination, determination, and patience. My 4 year old is already not allowed to use the driver in the yard, but he is perfectly content putting and chipping the ball around the yard for a while.

Soccer goal – All kids should at least TRY soccer. That’s what my mom said three seasons in a row. I hated every second but now as an adult, I’m glad I tried it. We don’t have soccer goals yet but my boys love kicking balls around the yard. I’m hoping to get a goal or two this year!

Basket ball hoop – We have a Little Tykes basketball hoop and we have actually always used it inside. Now that it’s warm, I’m considering retiring it to the yard. My boys have lost interest in it after about a year and a half of having it inside. I’m hoping if we put it outside they will start playing with it again.

T-ball – My oldest son discovered t-ball while surfing youtube, watching those annoying videos where the kids play with a toy. He begged and begged for a t-ball set for a while when I finally caved and ordered one for his birthday last year. He still loves it! My toddler loves to try to swing the bat too.

Bowling set – Another Youtube discovery. My now preschooler discovered bowling when he was 18 months old. It’s still a favorite and my new toddler loves it too. We have an inflatable one and a large wood one. They love them both and they are both a hit at parties as well.

Corn hole – My preschooler tried corn hole at a playdate and he loved it! We’ll probably get one to play with at his birthday party this year.

Giant Jenga – My in laws have this one and my preschooler LOVES it. He could play for hours. It’s fun for me too and great at parties! My toddler doesn’t get the actual game yet but he loves building with the pieces.

Giant Connect Four – We actually haven’t tried this yet but the smaller version was one of my favorites growing up. I know both of my boys would enjoy playing the game and they would catch on quickly. This is definitely on my list to buy this year or next!