My two year old is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. I thought my older boy loved them, but this is a whole new level. He’s constantly talking about dinosaurs, carrying dinosaur toys around the house, pretending to be a dinosaur, and even hunting them with nerf guns. Naturally, his favorite books are dinosaur books. We have a few dinosaur books so one day I got on to look into getting some more. There are so many! I couldn’t believe it honestly. I’m excited to surprise both of my little guys with some of these books. We have the first three and I can’t wait to add a few more dinosaur books to our library.

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Dinosaur Books

Dinoblock – board book

My Big Dinosaur Book– board book

Explore a T. Rex – hard cover

Ten Little Dinosaurs Board Book – board book & paperback

Never Touch a Dinosaur – board book and hardcover

I Love Dinosaurs – board book

Do your kids have a favorite dinosaur book?