Summer is half way over and in this Utah heat, I’m day dreaming about cool Fall days. I love everything about Fall. The weather, the beginning of the holiday season, back to school supplies, and, above all, the CLOTHES.
I’m still working on compiling my post-pregnancy and nursing wardrobe. Most of the clothes I wore last Fall won’t really work this year because I lost more baby weight and I’m no longer nursing. It has been so nice to get dressed without thinking about the access the top had to my boobs!
Anyway, as I shop for clothes on Amazon, and I’m coming up with a list of essentials for this Fall season. I’ll probably buy some clothes at Target as I see what I’m looking for, but honestly I’ll most likely end up buying everything on this list. Before we get to that, I want to tell you why you should shop for clothes on Amazon too, especially if you are a mom!

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Why You Should Shop For Clothes On Amazon

Free shipping and returns. If you are a Prime Member, buying clothes on Amazon isn’t much of a risk since you can easily return the items at no extra cost.

Don’t have to drag the kids to the store, or worse, the mall. My kids are pretty well behaved, especially when we’re out and about. But when I try to look at clothes and I have them with me, I end up making impulse decisions and I end up not loving what I buy when I get home.
Trying clothes on at home. Once upon a time, I enjoyed shopping and trying on clothes in the dressing room. Now, even if I don’t have the kids with me, I don’t enjoy it as much. If I have the kids with me, I feel rushed to get out of there before they lose patience. If by some miracle, I’m shopping alone, I feel like trying on clothes is a waste of my time away.

Getting packages is awesome. Maybe this is super millennial of me, but it’s true. I LOVE getting packages. 90% of the time I can’t remember exactly what I ordered, so the slight surprise is really fun for me. I saw a meme on facebook the other day and I was instantly jealous. There were literally over 100 Amazon packages on the doorstep. I hope someday I can have a fraction of that many packages delivered at once!

Fall Essential Clothes For Moms

Before I show you what I’m looking at this year, I must say something. I am NOT a fashion expert! I am just a stay at home mom who likes to buy clothes. When making this list, I came up with the categories I thought were essential for fall, then searched around amazon and added to this list what I thought was cute. It’s that simple. I am saying this both to warn you that these clothes may or may not be “in style” but also to give other moms confidence choose clothes for them selves and look good. If I can do it, so can you. I promise! With that said, here’s what I’m looking at buying this year!




Long Sleeve Shirts



Sweat Pants

Yoga Pants



What is your wardrobe needing most this Fall?