We are just a few WEEKS away from finishing our total home remodel (I’ll write a post with all the details soon). Unfortunately, we’ll be a little too late to really decorate for halloween, inside or out. We just got news from the contractor that we might not even be moved in by Halloween night. I still wanted to head over to Amazon and drool over all of the halloween decor. Here is a round up of all of the decorations I WISH I could buy for my home this year, but unfortunately I won’t get to decorate for Halloween in my home till next year! I was originally wanting this to be a short, 10 things post. But I ended up finding over 30 things on Amazon I want to share with you. BONUS: All of these items are available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping 🙂

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Welcome Mats

The term "welcome mat" always makes me giggle. My husband's name is Matthew and occasionally when someone calls him "Matt" he'll ask them to call him "Matthew" instead because he doesn't want feet wiped on him. Anyway! When we get moved into my house, I'd love to have a collection of seasonal/holiday welcome MATS to change out as the year goes on. Amazon has WAY TOO MANY cute halloween ones, here's my favorites!

For the Kitchen

When you walk into my house, the entry, living room, and kitchen are all one space. I think my kitchen will be the first thing to catch anyones eye when they first come inside, so that is the first place I start with when I think about decor! I found an apron set, hot pads, hand towels, and cute halloween picks on Amazon. My kids would go CRAZY over the little halloween picks, I might get some of these anyway to use for their lunches.

String Lights

My kids would also get a huge kick out of these lights! I would definitely put some outside, down in their play room, and possibly even in the kitchen for a party! These are my favorite, but Amazon has so many to choose from.

Banners & Signs

I have the perfect spot on my door for any of these cute signs and a great spot next to my door for either a sign or a banner. I can also think of many places around my house for these signs and banners. Mostly in the kitchen and living room, but also in the hallways and in the kids' play room.

Halloween Blankets

One of my first thoughts when the cooler weather of Fall hits is how will I stay warm this year? I'm currently writing this at Starbucks and I'm totally freezing! I even just ordered some thermal underwear to start wearing under my clothes on these early mornings to stay warm. I'm also looking at some super soft Halloween blankets that make me wish I had one or two wrapped around me right now! Like I said, I'm literally freezing.

Throw Pillows

I have always wanted to have a perfect little living room for hosting guests, complete with cute holiday and seasonal throw pillows. I might actually try to make some, but I found these on Amazon and I'll probably get them next year if I don't get around to making some. I especially love the Hocus Pocus pillows, because, well, it's the best Halloween movie ever!

After browsing Amazon for all of these Halloween decorations, I'm itching to order my kids' costumes. Wish me luck getting my 4 year old to decide what he wants to be. I also might shop for some Thanksgiving decorations. Hopefully we'll be moved in in time to decorate for Thanksgiving! Luckily with Amazon Prime, I can fill my cart now and order them as soon as I know when we're moving in and be able to decorate right away! I'm also ordering my kids' costumes on Amazon. It will be WAY easier than taking my kids to a costume store and them getting even more ideas for what they want to be, then the tantrums when we only buy one costume each!