I always knew I wanted to be a mother. As a child I dreamed about it often. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would usually reply “a stay at home mom”. It was a weird answer to hear from a child under 10, but it was true. I always knew I wanted babies and when I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I was so excited that this life long dream was soon to become a reality. Below you will read the birth story of my first baby. After a really easy pregnancy, the last two weeks were constant ups and downs, but the reward at the end was more than worth it. I hope you enjoy my story! 


Two weeks late and after a week of hard labor, my first son was born. It was one of the most challenging experiences of my life but every second was perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. #birthstory #firstbaby #epidural


I was due to have my first baby on June 30, 2014. He did not want to come out. My due date came and went. Daddy was hoping he would be born on the 4th of July but that day passed as well. I went to the hospital to be induced on the evening of July 6th. After 17 long hours of contractions at the hospital, I was not progressing at all so I went home to rest. The following week was the longest week of my whole life. I could not move without my husband’s help. He had planned on being home from work for the week to bond with the new baby, but he ended up taking care of me instead. Finally on July 10th I went into labor. I really wasn’t sure, since I had been having contractions the whole week on and off. But I didn’t want to wait till that evening when the second induction was scheduled. I was ready to meet my baby so I took a chance that progress was happening and we drove to the hospital. 

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My intuition was right!

When we arrived I was finally starting to dilate. We got checked in and set everything up, then my husband went home to sleep around 9 pm. My mom and a childhood friend stayed through the night to keep me company. The contractions were hard and painful. They had started Pitocin to help move things along. I was hesitant because I had hoped to make it through unmedicated, but around midnight I made the decision to get an epidural. The rest of the night I was able to get a few minutes of restful sleep between contractions. I’m surprised and impressed at my body’s ability to conserve energy.

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Dear Husband of a Breastfeeding Mother

I felt a strong feeling at 6:20 am that it was time for my husband to return to the hospital. I called him and he agreed to hurry back. The nurse was checking me a little before 7 and as my husband walked in the room the nurse said “you’re at a 9.” We were so surprised. Through most of the night I remained at about a 4, but progressed quickly in the last couple hours. Within a few minutes the doctor was there. He checked and I was already a 10.Then he broke my water. We were so ready to meet this baby. I started pushing at 8 am and 41 minutes later he was born!

It was an amazing experience

They placed him on my stomach and daddy cut the cord. I pulled him to me so I could see him and kiss him. He quickly found my breast and started nursing. I refused to let the nurses take him for almost two hours. They checked his vitals while I held him and he was perfect. When I finally let the nurses take him, one of them said “oh looks like he pooped already!” I looked under my gown and sure enough he pooped all over me. My life as a boy mom had already begun! They quickly cleaned us up, got all his measurements, and gave him back to me. Those few days in the hospital are a blur now. It went so fast. Even with his late arrival, it was a great experience and I will remember it forever. This little boy made my dreams come true by finally making me a mother, and I couldn’t be any happier.

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