Easter 2019 is coming up FAST! It’s already time to start thinking about what is going into the baskets this year. I feel like Easter is tricky. I don’t want excessive candy (because I don’t want them to eat it and I don’t want me to eat it). It’s not really a holiday for “big gifts” like Christmas, but I also don’t want little junk toys that they will be interested in for 5 minutes. There are lots of suggestion lists on Pinterest but most of what’s on there still seems junky to me. Everyone loves the Christmas rhyme, “something to wear, something to read, something they want, something they need.” I decided it’s time to come up with a quick method of determining what to put in Easter baskets for my family. It’s not quite as catchy as the Christmas rhyme but here’s what we do!

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 Easter Basket Staples

Science projects – My almost 5 year old loves watching youtube videos and last year he found videos of the Mentos & Coke science project. He really wanted to try it! I decided to let the Easter Bunny take the credit and leave the supplies in his Easter basket. I knew right then that I would always include some cool science project in our Easter baskets. This year I’m debating between Coke & Mentos again (because I’m lazy) or the “elephant toothpaste” experiment. 

Treats– Again, I definitely try to not over do it with treats, but getting something special helps them feel the magic of the holiday. Peeps were a big hit last year. This year I’m going to do the cute mini chocolate bunnies and carrots. Both of my boys will surely go crazy over the cuteness!

Healthy Snack – My kids love fruit and carrot sticks. Including a ziplock bag of carrot sticks and/or strawberries in their baskets will help fill it up. They will be excited the Easter bunny knew their favorite snacks AND my mom conscious will be clear!

Drinks – We are a water and milk family mostly when it comes to beverages, but I know they will light up if they see a juice box in the Easter basket. It’s really the little things that makes it special!

Book – Can’t miss out on an opportunity to buy a new book! I always go back and forth on getting an Easter themed book or just a fun one they can enjoy all year but I’ll usually just go with whatever catches my attention first at Target or on Amazon. 

Seeds – My husband is an avid gardener and now our boys are starting to learn the trade as well. They thought the seeds were cool for two seconds last year then moved on but I’m hoping this year they will get a little more excited about it!

Craft Project – My boys definitely inherited my crafty trait. They love painting or anything else crafty. I haven’t decided what exactly I will include for a craft project. I want it to be fun and age appropriate for both of my boys. We’re trying to keep it cheap this year so maybe I’ll grab one of those $3 painting kits in the dollar section at target. Or maybe some fresh homemade play dough and some new cookie cutters. So many options here and you can tailor it to your child’s abilities.

Shirts – I can’t resist my boys in matching shirts and often look for reasons to buy them a new set. So I’ll grab a couple of the cute Cat & Jack shirts they have at Target one of the million times I’m there in the month leading up to Easter. 

Homemade gift – Like I said, I’m crafty and I love it. Last year I did bean bags they could toss around and create some fun. I totally forgot to take pictures but they loved them. This year I think I’ll do little drawstring backpacks. I have so much fabric lying around and a sewing machine so this is a way I can add something they will love without spending more money. This will be a fun creative outlet for me too!

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