You can buy The Learning Dynamics Reading System now at and use code ABSOLUTELY to save 15%

How I Discovered Learning Dynamics

This post is sponsored by Learning Dynamics and I received compensation and a free product as a thank you for my participation. Even though this is a sponsored post, this post reflects my honest, personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

Earlier this year, I was scrolling facebook late one night before bed. A post in one of my local blogging groups caught my eye. It was a blogger’s lunch event where bloggers with children 4-7 were invited to learn about a reading program and take home a set to try out. It happened to be on a day I knew my husband would be able to be home with the kids for a few hours so I RSVPed immediately.

This was something totally out of my comfort zone but it hit so many points of interest for me. At the time, I had a very smart 3.5 year old son who I felt this program would be perfect for. I would get to network with other bloggers, IN PERSON, something I have never done before. The lunch was at an Italian restaurant down town that I’ve been wanting to try, and I would get to eat WITHOUT KIDS. I’m naturally an introvert so this was really far out of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.

The whole experience was surreal. Rob, the founder’s son, speaks about the history of the program and the program itself with such passion. I was absorbing every word. When they passed out our sets, I was very impressed by the quality of each piece. I couldn’t wait to get home and start the program with my son.

The Learning Dynamics Reading System

When you buy The Learning Dynamics Reading System, the amount of materials you get is really outstanding. The teaching manual is full of one page lessons that take 15 minutes or less. These lessons, given every other day, have been proven to work for the majority of children.

You can buy The Learning Dynamics Reading System now at and use code ABSOLUTELY to save 15%

The activities in the workbook and songs on the CDs make learning fun and memorable. They have been specifically designed to keep your child’s interest and reinforce the letters, sounds, and concepts.

Each set comes with over 50 books that the child gets to add to their own library. My son lit up each time I gave him a new book and even more when he was able to read each one all on his own. These books are designed to advance with your child as they learn the letters, sounds, and concepts.

What I Love About Learning Dynamics

It is effective. I have seen this system work right in my own home. Even starting at 3.5, my son learned along with this program so quickly and effectively. I know it has built a solid foundation for his entire educational future.

It is adaptable and practical. The Learning Dynamics Reading System has very detailed lesson plans for each day. However, I have found that the usage is still very adaptable. You can take an extra day, or even two on certain letters, sounds, or concepts that need extra reinforcement. The pace is completely determined by your child’s progress. We have also had days or even weeks through the program where we couldn’t get to our lessons. When we were able to start again, my son picked up right where we left off.
It works. Like I’ve said, I have literally watched this program work for me own son. This program has worked for my son, it has taught him how to read. It can teach your child too. I’m excited to do it again in a few years when my 2 year old is ready.

This program builds confidence that your child needs not just for reading proficiency, but for their entire future in education and beyond. When your child receives their first book, they will have already mastered each letter, sound, and concept in the book. They will read it with ease. They will be proud of their own ability and look forward to learning more. This confidence continues to build as they progress through the program. It’s really special to watch this develop in your own child.

What Sets Learning Dynamics Apart

Many other reading programs lack the careful research and development needed to succeed. The same programs are used in schools across the country, over and over, and kids are still failing to learn to read proficiently. The people behind the learning dynamics reading system are parents and educators. It’s the people who actually teach children to read, not some group of analysts that don’t understand what our children really need.

You can buy The Learning Dynamics Reading System now at and use code ABSOLUTELY to save 15%

The system has been tested and proven to work for a children with a wide range of backgrounds and even learning disabilities. You really don’t have to take my word for it because the over 98% success rate of the program is proof that it works.

As I’ve said already, these lessons are fun and engaging. Each step builds confidence in your child so they not only learn how to read, but they learn each letter, sound, and concept one step at a time so they have pride in their knowledge. My son asks every morning if it is “Learning Dynamics” day, even when he knows we did it the day before. I might have to start the whole program over from day one when we finish because he loves it so much.

Reading Is The Foundation Of All Education

It is so important to make sure each child has a reading foundation that is prepared properly before moving on to further education. In 15 minutes, 3 days a week, your child can learn how to read. The Learning Dynamics Reading System has been developed to work with almost ANY child, with either a parent or a teacher. The lessons are quick, engaging, and effective. This program works. I truly love this program and what it has done for my son. I am happy to spread the word and help connect other parents, teachers, and children to their own reading success.

You can buy The Learning Dynamics Reading System now at and use code ABSOLUTELY to save 15%