Do you have a hardworking mom in your life? It might not be your mom, but your wife, sister, daughter, or a close friend. She’s always running around for her family, busy trying to get everything done. Always making sure everyone’s needs are met. But what about her needs? Does she get enough sleep at night? Does she get to take a decent shower every day? Does she ever get time for “me time” throughout the week? If this sounds like a mom in your life, and you want to help make sure she’s taking care of herself, here are some ideas for gifts you can give her this Mother’s Day to remind her that her needs matter too. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even offer to take the kids for an afternoon while she enjoys your gift! Self care is so important for everyone, especially those who are busy taking care of other people.


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Bath Accessories

If the mom you want to spoil enjoys baths, she will definitely LOVE any of these bath accessories. I have the overflow cover, the bath pillow and I love bath bombs and scrubs. The candles help give a little low lighting and aromatherapy to this relaxing time. Just writing this is making me crave a long relaxing bath! The only thing here I don’t have/haven’t tried is the bath table but I’m hoping for one this Mother’s Day.

At Home Spa Day Supplies

It can be hard for moms to get away or afford a nice spa day but with a few simple items you can give her the gift of a spa-ish experience in her own bathroom. A mud mask, headband, and a cute robe would be so cute in a gift basket for a sister, a mom friend, or any mom you are shopping for. 

Personal Development Books

Personal development books, or self help books, are an unexpected form of self care that most people don’t think of. There are personal development books on every subject, for any challenge a person may be experiencing. In the last couple years, I’ve read (and re-read) over 20 of these books. They really have changed my life and increased my overall happiness in waysI could spend all day talking about. Here are a few of my favorites!
You can check out a full list of the personal development books in this blog post >>> My Favorite Personal Development Books

Self Care Journal

This is another atypical gift but it could make a big difference in the life of the mom you are shopping for. I have used a couple of these journals and others like them. They are a great way to reflect and grow. My favorite are the gratitude journals. Learning to express gratitude has had a huge impact on my life and happiness. 

Adult Coloring Books & Supplies

I think this would be a fun gift to give. Either to a friend who I know enjoys coloring or to a friend who I think would benefit from and enjoy it. Coloring helps reduce stress and anxiety, plus it’s just a fun way to relax! 

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Self Care Gifts for Mom