Most people probably wouldn’t think of giving bath toys and essentials for Christmas. Last year, with a 2 and 4 year old, I was already tired of all the useless stuff kids get for Christmas. The toys pile up and they quickly lose their appeal. Sometimes before new years my kids have already forgotten about the new toys. I decided to be more intentional with Christmas from now on. We had just moved and my kids needed new bath toys anyway so I decided to incorporate them into our Christmas. They still use the bath toys we got for Christmas almost a year ago.

Most of these bath toys would make great stocking stuffers. My favorite part about all of the toys I have listed in this post is that they do not retain any water at all. All of these bath toys can completely dry. I hate toys that retain water and you never know what’s going on inside them. With these toys, I don’t worry about it.

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Christmas Bath Toys PIN

Wall Stickers

We have had several sets of the ABCs/123s for years now. They are still a favorite bath toy in our house. I know both of my kids would love any of the other stickers. My three year old would LOVE the dinosaurs and my five year old would probably enjoy the car set!

Pouring & Floating Toys

We have the boats, which are just as much fun at the splash pad or swimming pool as they are in the tub. My boys have a couple different kinds of pouring cups that they use in one way or another in almost every bath.

Other Bath Favorites

We use bath colors or bath bombs in almost every bath too. Seriously their #1 favorite thing to do in the bath. With the colors, I give them two each so we can watch the colors mix. The suction cup jelly fish would be super fun and I love the ABC alligators to bring some learning to bath time.

Useful Bath Time Tools

When I was searching for bath toys to buy for Christmas, I found these practical bath tools as well! My kids hate getting their hair washed and rinsed. I’m using Christmas as an excuse to buy something like this whale rinser to make it less stressful for all of us. We have the first toys basket and it worked really well for a couple years. It was broken in one of our moves and I still haven’t replaced. I might try the scoop instead! I also looked into these fun bath towels last year but ended up not getting them. I regretted it last year so they are definitely on Santa’s list this year.

Would you include bath toys and essentials on your Christmas list? 

A few bath toys in our stockings is a new Christmas tradition that we all love. The kids really enjoy playing in the tub and I enjoy buying stuff for Christmas that is practical and will actually get used regularly all year long. If you have any other bath items that you and your kids LOVE, let me know!

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