Keep track of how much breastmilk you have in the freezer

There is a good reason breastmilk is commonly referred to as liquid gold. It is so valuable and in many cases, limited in supply. It is hard work to make it and even harder to get it out. It’s so sad if any at all goes to waste. I was able to pump A LOT while nursing my first baby. I didn’t need the milk for my baby because I was a stay at home mom and he rarely left my side. I ended up donating a literal ton (ok maybe not that much) of my breastmilk to a mom friend. I thought I had given her all of it, or used any I had left for milk baths. However, when I finally got around to cleaning out my deep freezer, I found a few GALLON ziplock bags filled with breastmilk bags that were well passed expired. If I had kept better track I would have been able to use or donate this milk. Instead I was left with a lot of useless liquid gold and I had to throw it away. So please, learn from my mistake, keep track of how much breastmilk you are storing!